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Mobile Catering


Farmer's Markets


Jess Shepard is the woman behind The Uproot Pie Company, towing our beloved mobile, wood-fired oven everywhere from the sparkly coast to the mossy woods of Maine.

We’ve served up pizza pies at farm weddings on the blue-sky, red-leaf days of autumn and baked breakfast bialys at farmers’ markets in every kind of weather, from the last frost of spring to the pouring rain of late summer.

Simple, beautiful ingredients grown by dedicated farmers create exceptional pizzas in idyllic settings that we’re proud to share. 


Our pizzas are personal-sized, nine inches in diameter, divided into four slices of deliciousness

The Uproot Pie

We’re bakers at heart, and we know that the foundation of a memorable pizza is its crust. Spring-water fed, sour-dough based, and perfected over the course of 10 years, Uproot pizza is both satisfying and light.


Our toppings change seasonally depending on what’s available at local farms—from peaches to delicata squash and lamb sausage.



Pizza is our jam. But our wood-fired bialys have developed a cult following, too. “What's a bialy?,” you might ask. “Delicious,” the person waiting behind you in line will say.


It’s a sourdough-based, Polish breakfast roll with the chewiness of a bagel, but light and tender like an english muffin. You’ll find us pulling hot ones from the oven as the sun rises over the Rockland and Camden farmers’ markets.


Order as a breakfast sandwich with egg and sausage, or simply with butter and jam. Customers that visit from New York City tell us that they rival the bialys served at their favorite Jewish delis. Just sayin’... 

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And Coffee

We brew our farmers’ market

pour-overs with beans roasted by Camden’s Coffee on the Porch.


On hot summer days at the market, you’ll want the ridiculously delicious iced coffee, blended with Frontier maple syrup and cream. Even people who usually drink their coffee black buy it by the quart.


The Carriage House


We love the freedom of having an oven on wheels, cooking with wood and untethered by power cords and generators. But we want to be able to offer more.


We took a leap and renovated an 1840s ship captain’s home with a beautiful carriage house. We have been dreaming up workshops, baking classes, and cozy get-togethers for you. And it is all finally a reality. Click here for more information

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