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Final Touches.

Final Touches.  Photo by Shayne McConnell

Some of our favorite moments at an Uproot Pie Company event are the final touches. We're garnishing pizzas with pickled peppers from our friend's garden or drizzling Fiore olive oil over Appleton Creamery's goat cheese on the charcuterie board. We're plucking each basil leaf and relishing the summer's offerings during Margherita-pizza season. We're straightening table cloths, arranging the flowers and making sure we're picture-perfect from every angle. It's all these thoughtful details that make The Uproot either a feature or a harmonious part of your gathering.

We are currently booking for the 2020 season. Tell your friends; tell your families. Plan a party! We'd love to join in the fun. Hope to hear from you!

For more information, head to our contact page.

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