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Hello March.

The period after March is intentional, more like an Oh. Hello (imagine my voice falling after the "o"). I usually enjoy ending (and beginning) each month with an exclamation point. One that is, not two... because two...that is excessive. March is the month that I'm just waiting around and thinking. Thinking about what is next for The Uproot. Thinking about how it can be better, bigger and more appealing. This thinking I find overwhelming at times and oppressive at others. How does a mobile business get bigger? What does that look like? How would it feel? Would a man sit around and ponder these things for years or just expand and grow? Why do I feel stuck? I think every March I think these same thoughts.

As the schedule fills for 2018 and I enter my 8th season, I feel the ache to grow but unsure of what that looks like and fearful to show my vulnerability as a business owner to do so. I have found solace in witnessing women business owners in our community evolve and watch their every move wondering how I can learn from them. Erin at the Lost Kitchen, Mel at In Good Company, Melissa at Primo even ladies not involved in the food (well human food that is) industry like Heidi at the Loyal Biscuit and really if I'm being honest... Jessica and Phoebe of 2 Dope Queens. All making a name for themselves. All growing or standing strong in what they are. Maybe they went through this same phase. Chances are they did.

What it comes down to is that I love what I do. I'm happy standing in front of an 800 degree oven on an 80 degree day making pizzas. I really am. So I guess I will just wait and see. See what organically transpires and takes shape.

Here's to 2018.

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