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It's warming up this week and feeling like summer! Many chances to catch us starting tomorrow at Oyster River Winegrowers from 5-7pm --- rhubarb crisp for dessert!

Thursday we will be down at Harbor Park selling breakfast bialy sandwiches and pizzas from 8:30am - 1:00 at the Rockland Farmers' Market. Saturday morn. setting up at the Camden Farmers' Market from 9-noon then hustling the oven over to Rockland's Summer Solstice Festivities on Main Street from 4-7pm. So just to recap:

Wednesday: Oyster River Winegrowers

Thursday : Rockland Farmers' Market

Saturday : Camden Farmers' Market

Rockland's Summer Solstice.

Alright pie heads, the season has begun, come represent!!


The Uproot Gals!

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