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Jumping for Joy at Oyster River!

One of the best things about time away from home and the laundry list of things to accomplish is having the time to not only reflect but also look forward to things to come. While I was in South Carolina basking in the sun relaxing on the beach I thought a lot about the bounty of Maine summer, of sun, of food, and of time around the oven.

One of my best memories and favorite connections has been with my friends Allie, Brian, Sadie and Sol over at Oyster River Winegrowers. They are a horse-powered vineyard producing some pretty wild wines and ciders right there on location in Warren. Since The Uproot opened in 2011 we have been joining Oyster River 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month on their farm for pizza and wine nights. Families join us for an evening on the farm relaxing, listening to music, eating good local food and drinking amazing local wine and cider.

As the 2016 season begins I can't wait to join them for our 6th year together. We hope that you will join us this coming Wednesday June 1st for our opening day.

Life is good here in mid-coast Maine. Friends, wine and wood fired pizza only make it better.

Cheers! Jess

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